"Nous, parfois!"

Une exposition de Fares Cachoux

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"Nous, Parfois"
Une exposition de Fares Cachoux
Du 20 septembre au 10 Octobre 2023
Horaire d’ouverture: 
Du Mardi au Samedi
de 14h00 à 19:00
About the exhibition
While pursuing his professional career in the Gulf over the best part of a decade, Fares Cachoux had the opportunity to experience the evolving society of the region first hand. Working in the cultural field, moreover, allowed him a more intimate look at local communities – their histories, current challenges and ambitious aspirations.
The niqab, the facial garment that hides the face but usually leaves the eye area uncovered, attracted Cachoux’s attention due to the sense of mystery and anonymity it creates around the figure wearing it. Since communication is a social phenomenon based on the production and sharing of meanings, he was puzzled by the niqab and the ramifications it has on the act of dis/communication. Meanwhile, the male characters wear the traditional thobe, in settings that evoke patriarchal, religious or even autocratic figures from the region and beyond. ​​​​​​​
Us, Sometimes! is a visual examination of this phenomenon by visually contrasting the usually-stereotyped traditional personas of niqab-wearing women with an ultra-modern society immersed in consumers and capitalist symbols.  Through a delicate mixture of hyper ‘girly’ Western-style polka-dots and traditional Sadu patterns through an intensely radiant colour palette, the viewer is left puzzled by these Disney-like characters. Cachoux evokes a new manifestation of pop culture, a visual and artistic metaphor of something much deeper and more intrinsic to this region. ​​​​​​​
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