About the artiste
Fares Cachoux was born in Homs (Syria) in 1976, He discovered digital art and graphic design during his studies of computer engineering in Aleppo university, then moved to Paris to obtain a Master and Phd. degree in art and visual communication.
He worked in different positions between France in the MENA region, he was the head of Digital Media Department  of the National Museum of Qatar till 2021 before moving back to Paris to pursue a full-time career as an artist.
Cachoux works mainly on political, social and environmental questions, With a minimalistic yet strong style, his work depicts the people’s struggle for freedom and dignity using bold colors and simple silhouettes. 
He held his first solo exhibition in Paris in 2015, after being invited by Banksy to participate in the Dismaland show (UK). Today his works are regularly published in French and Swiss magazines, such as Le Monde, Le Temps, Courrier International and Huffington Post. His oeuvre is also included in the French school curriculum and is frequently used to teach children about political posters.